April 17, 2020

How To Disable Keyboard Vibration When Pressing The Text On Android Phones

We’ve talked about deactivating different vibrations of Android, however there’s one that’s not deactivated for this particular and of this keyboard.
The battery of our phones is somewhat restricted and this most of us know. The simple fact of deactivating any additional of the Android, can make the battery last more.
It turns out on Android, we could choose unique keyboards. Some are as standard and are in many languages, some others just encounter with one or more terminal versions and others may be set up with us, but this is another story which we’ll speak about on another event.…

April 17, 2020

Get The Most Life From Your Battery On Android

Active use of mobiles leads to a single problem — it starts to release quickly. If your smartphone resides”out of a socket to socket”, and you’re fed up with carrying out an external batterythen these tips will help prolong the life span of this gadget without repainting.
How To Assist Android Device Save Battery

Don’t place an extremely bright picture on your desktop computer — it’ll consume a good deal of battery life resources. It’s much better to restrict yourself to some dark or grey background. Users use screensaver programs or set live wallpapers. Have a look at the top …